NEW SOUND PROOF DESIGN   06.01.07 15:53


Hydraulic power stations normally have the oil pump immerged in the oil tank or the oil pump with the electrical motor is arranged on top of the oil tank.An oil pump inside of the tank considerably will reduce the noise emission of the machine, but it is difficult to assemble and to maintain
these units.Arranging motor and oil pump on top of the oil tank will easy assembling and maintenance but it will increase the noise level of the machine considerably especially when it runs under full load.
This machine will require in many cases a sound proof housing, which is expensive and will require additional controlling measurements.
Therefore the set up of the hydraulic power unit was completely redesigned. The electric motor with oil pump connected was fixed to a bottom plate of the unit. One or two oil tanks were arranged aside of the motor unit. By this the oil tanks and the motor unit became acoustically uncoupled and the noise level could be reduced considerably. Special arrangement of the oil inlet and outlet nozzles of the oil tanks results in a better cooling of the hydraulic oil, when then oil is circulating through the tanks. An oil cooler for many applications may not be necessary anymore.
As the intensifier and where required an accumulator can be arranged on top of the oil tanks, the new unit becomes very compact.