In 1997 HDS started manufacturing positive displacement pumps for high and ultra high pressures and introduced them into the market.
Basically the pumps are single or double acting intensifiers which are operated by an electro – hydraulical system. The pumps are built very compact and easily can be integrated in existing and new systems of almost any kind.
Oil pumps with constant flow or variable flow are used.
The oil pump and the electric motor are mounted on top of the oil tank in order to easy assemble and maintain, or the oil pump is immersed into the oil tank in order to minimize noise emission. A simple controller processes the signals of two approximating switches at each end position of the hydraulic cylinder and operates a solenoid valve, which directs the hydraulic oil to one or the other side of the intensifier.
Oil level, oil temperature and motor load are controlled and will shut down the machine, in case they become critical.
The intensifier is mounted to one side of the oil tank and the control cabinet or terminal box to the front end of the tank.
Pumps are delivered

  •  With or without controller
  •  With or without oil/ air or water cooler
  •  With or without sound proof housing

In case the inlet pressure of the liquid to be pumped is lower than 20 psi a booster pump is added, which feeds the inlet part of the intensifier through a filter unit.
HP – pumps are manufactured for a discharge pressure of 100 up to 700 MPa  (15 – 100 ksi) and over and an output of 0,1 to 40 l/Min ( 0,02 – 10 gpm).
The design of the HP – pump is very flexible and allows to tailor make the machines at reasonable delivery times.
These pumps are manufactured::

Mostly these pumps are used for