The HP – DISPERSER pumps a suspension under high pressure through an orifice or a relief valve. High shear stresses in the let down system allow breaking up conglomerates and even crushing particles.
This may be achieved also in more than one cycle.
As the pump is volume controlled, it is possible to adjust the discharge pressure in a wide range to the size of the orifice and the viscosity of the suspension. Depending on the discharge pressure, different shear stresses can be achieved.
Special measurements have been taken in order to reduce the wear of the outlet section of the pump and to make the equipment less sensible against wear through the solid particles of the suspension.


The HP – DISPERSER is specially modified standard pump type which is built using most of the standard components. Some components had to be adapted, in order to meet the special requirements.
It basically is an electro – hydraulically operated, single acting intensifier. Its is built like a double acting pump. Speed control of the electric motor from 0 – 100% allows to adjust the flow rate and the shear stress in the dumping system. An oil-air-cooler is integrated in the driving unit and keeps the oil temperature low.
All parts wetted by the liquid are made from corrosion resistant high strength steel.
All wear parts easy can be exchanged.
Ahead of the intensifier the inlet bottle is arranged and under beneath the bottle for the return liquid. The bottles easily can be exchanged. This allows, to run several cycles with the same sample in order to increase the break down of the conglomerates or particles. An optional cooler will keep the liquid from overheating in case of several subsequent cycles.


The HP – DISPERSER is wheel mounted which allows, to manoeuvre the unit also in rooms with no lifting devices.


Power input: 3 KW, 3x400V, 50Hz
Max discharge pressure: 300 MPa
Discharge volume: 0 – 0.6 l/Min
Max. volume per cycle: 2 l
Dimension: 85x60x105 cm (LxWxH)
Weight: ap. 100 kg