Intensifier pumps are very flexible designed. A separation of the intensifier from the hydraulic power station and from the control therefore is no problem. This is important, in case the HP – pump is to large or to heavy, which makes it impossible to mount the complete pump to the working place. In this case the intensifier is separated from the hydraulic unit and directly mounted to the working place or close to it. One of these applications is found in hydro forming, which required mounting the intensifier to the working machine only. A bundle of two hoses and the control wires connects the intensifier and the power station. The solenoid valve was mounted directly to the intensifier in order to become independent from the length of the hoses.
Another application was found Sub Sea. As the use of any electricity under water is expensive and requires special measurements, the intensifier was equipped with a self oscillating valve, which controls the stroke of the intensifier. Hoses connect the intensifier and the supply unit. The maximum length of the hoses only depends on the pressure drop, which can be accepted.