HD – pumps for water-jet-cutting, which specialists of HDS participated developing since the late 60th, were used as a platform for a new generation of HP – pumps, which preferably should be used to build up a pressure in connected vessels. A major application for this type of pumps is CIP.
The new pump considerably should reduce the maintenance cost and allow an easy handling. By using modules for the high pressure and for the hydraulic components, it was possible to create a high number of varieties of pump types with a small number of different modules. By this cost could be reduced, and delivery time was even for tailor made pumps reasonable.

The duty of these pumps differs from the pumps for water jet cutting applications because

  • the pressure in the vessel connected to the pump is built up from zero to max. set pressure and then the pump is stopped
  •  the number of pressure cycles is limited, because of manipulation for loading and emptying the vessel
  • the water used for pressurization is treated; corrosion is reduced and lifetime of wear parts is increased.

Nevertheless the main components of the pumps for water jet cutting application were used.
This means

  • all wetted pressure loaded parts are fabricated from high grade corrosion resisted special steel
  • as an option autofrettage treatment of the high pressure components will increase life time
  • the remaining components are manufactured from corrosion resistant steel or they are protected by chemical treatment
  • High pressure seals are designed to be stationary, (they do not move inside the barrel)
  • normally used high pressure pistons are replaced by TC plunger. Lifetime of seal rings is considerably increased
  • self sealing seals allow threaded connections in between valve body, barrel and hydraulic cylinder. By this maintenance becomes much easier and more comfortable.

Compared to pumps for water jet cutting, considerable savings could be achieved with the hydraulic power unit and the controller, mainly because these are the design criteria:

  • constant flow oil pumps
  • compact design by putting the oil pump on top of the oil tank or into the tank
  • no flow and pressure control
  • no attenuator
  • control requirements can be covered by simple electronics
  • sound proof housing are an option only
  • no additional protection of the high pressure components is necessary as the pumps are located in a protected area
  • No control buttons at the control cabinet as all functions are remotely controlled.

Pumps are available for 0.2 to 70 KW power requirements and more.

A standard machine is delivered with:

  • Electro-hydraulic power station with oil tank, no oil
  • Safety valve set to maximum allowable oil pressure
  • Oil temperature sensor
  • Oil temperature indicator
  • Oil level sensor
  • Oil level indicator
  • Intensifier, fixed to one side of the oil tank
  • High pressure tubing including connecting fitting to pressure system
  • Booster pump and inlet filter
  • Leakage container. (Option: level sensor)
  • Control cabinet, fixed to the oil tank (alternatively: terminal box)