HP – Pumps in many high pressure equipment using industries are several years old,  have high maintenance cost, often have a low reliability and do not meet the state of the art anymore.


Replacement of the complete pump very often is delayed because this will require new investments which may not have been planned.


HDS now has developed a new type of intensifier which easily can replace the intensifier of almost any pump as long as it is a hydraulic operated intensifier.
The new intensifier operates independently from the pump controller and does not require any electrical or electronic changes. In most cases even the existing hydraulic hoses can be used and exchanging intensifiers will require some minutes only after the old intensifier has been removed.


HDS’s new intensifier for retrofitting includes all the advantages of the intensifier used in HP -   pumps for years, i.e. easy maintenance - maintenance can be done by the customer himself - , very low maintenance cost, high reliability. The new intensifier can be tailor made in a wide range.