Variable flow pumps allow the control of the flow rate from 0% to 100 % of the maximum flow rate of the pump. This is achieved by using oil pumps with variable flow or electric motors with variable rpm.
For smaller pumps a motor with a controlled rpm is preferred. In case the rpm must be controlled below 50% of the maximum speed a separate blower is necessary to cool the motor at low speeds. Only this combination allows submerging the oil pump into the oil tank.
For larger pumps an axial piston pump with a variable out put is preferred. These oil pumps easily can be controlled from zero to maximum flow. In addition the delivery volume of the axial piston pump can be limited, in order to activate the full capacity of the electric motor. Optional axial piston pumps also can be supplied with a control of the discharge pressure.
Setting of the flow rate can be done by a potentiometer at the door of the control cabinet or remotely by a DC – signal of 0 – 10 V (4 – 20 mA).
An optional feature allows to quick stop the intensifier for a certain time, while the electric motor continuous running. The intensifier then again can be started against full discharge pressure.